“Local entrepreneur, on a mission to save our oceans reef - will paddle to Catalina Island wearing ONLY his new line of environmentally friendly sunscreen if goal of $80k is reached”
With the trade winds at our backs and sun on our shoulders we are strapping in for one more voyage, one final push. If we reach our stretch goal of $80,000 I will paddle my surfboard to Catalina Island (22 miles off the coast!) wearing ONLY our new environmentally friendly, reef-safe sunscreen to build awareness to the severity of this situation.

The real goal here is to get as many people talking about this issue as possible and build awareness. That my friend, is why I am willing to paddle across the Pacific, butt naked, and prove that sunscreen can perform without the toxic ingredients found in common sunscreens. 

Few are the times one gets an opportunity to actually make a difference. This is our moment, and we need your help the most to share our mission; send it out to your co-workers, share it your with your buddy that "knows everyone", be a catalyst for change in this issue, and send my pale ass to Catalina!