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want to get ahold of us?

questions, comments, sales/wholesale, events, etc..

shout@luckybastard.co - or - call direct at 612.889.5788



what is in your lip balm?

we use a variety of organic products to make our one & only lip balm-

calendula infused almond, coconut oil, candelilla wax, shea butter, bees wax, jojoba oil, vitaman E, chamomile oil, menthol


where does it come from?

we are a DIY (do it yourself) company & proudly make all of our own products in Venice, California USA


how long does your product last?

we use fresh & mainly organic ingredients, for the best results we recommend using it ASAP


who does all of the lettering/design?

all hand lettering, logo's, labels, branding of any kind is done by co-founder Luke Lieske.

- for commisson artwork, hand lettering, &/or design of any kind please contact -

612.203.9255 -- luke@lukelieske.com -- lukelieske.com -- instagram @lukelieske


who takes the photos?

all of the photos are taken by co-founder Chad Lieske

612.889.5788 -- chad.p.lieske@gmail.com -- instagram @chaddy_p


what paying methods do you accept?

we accept VISA, Mastercard as well as PayPal



how long does is usually take to recieve an order?

orders usually take around 7-10 business days (domestic)

for international orders please allow an extra 7 business days