the Cash Register Box

Regular price $150

The Cash Register Box is our initial offering to each shop. 

Each box comes loaded with 40 units, which is our minimum whole order. You can choose between the oval tube, the slider tin, or the original circle tin - all contain the exact same lip balm formula.

Please note that all wholesale lip balm orders come in cases of 20 (example- 20 tubes, 20 sliders, 20 circles)

From our experience we highly recommend starting with the box filled 20 oval tubes, and 20 slider tins. Once you determine the best seller in your shop, you can then order whichever style  you'd like in increments of 20.

The box is a one time charge of $10. When the box starts to run low, simply come back to this page to place a reorder and will we continue to keep it full.